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The Importance of Being Proactive

Proactive, not reactiveIt’s a fact: The world of Facility Management is under-budgeted, under-trained, and overworked. Demanding workloads and a long list of extenuating factors get in the way of a facility manager’s focusing on the full life-cycle cost of running a building. Instead of taking proactive actions, the manager too often reacts to challenges and changes. He is not able to concentrate on what is truly critical – Preventive Action.
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Teaching a BOC Course

Questions and Answers

(John Welch, an electrical engineer and the founder of Bowtie Engineering, is a Building Operaton Certification (BOC) instructor at Gwinnett Technical College, the only BOC training facility in Georgia. The following is an excerpt of an interview in the Winter/Spring 2016 issue of Building Operator Certification Newsletter.)

When and how did you hear about BOC?

I met Gail Edwards (Division Dean of Automotive & Trades at Gwinnett Technical College) at a Chamber of Commerce meeting in 2008. She was talking up the BOC program and thought that I might be a good fit with my background. I had never really taught in a classroom setting before, although I had done a lot of electrical safety training. So I started teaching a few classes here and there. Now I just enjoy the heck out of it – I’ve been to a bunch of different BOC locations throughout the country and have just met some great people. It’s regular folks getting practical training from industry professionals, not just some dry, book-oriented class.

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Q&A on Building Operator Certification

What exactly is Building Operator Certification?

BOC LogoBuilding Operator Certification® is a nationally recognized training and certification program designed to develop building efficiency experts. Classroom training focuses on energy efficient building operations and preventative maintenance procedures.

Why should I get a BOC?

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