World Class Electrical Safety Programs

Helping organizations implement world class electrical safety programs is what Bowtie Engineering™ does.

We offer our customers one-stop technical services with a zero risk technical response. What our customers appreciate is our expertise to rapidly respond to the challenges posed by NFPA and OSHA in safety-related operating practices.  Our certified proficiency in maintaining critical electrical complex systems assures a keen eye on 2015 NFPA standards.
Bowtie offers three electrical safety services.  Operating as a standalone or integrated together, each service delivers value into safety-related work places and ensures businesses are meeting the ongoing challenges of OSHA and NFPA.

Driving those services is Bowtie’s revolutionary app, BowVue – software that provides an anytime, anywhere bird’s-eye view of your organization’s safety programs.

Incident Energy Studies
Electrical Maintenance
BowVue App