Q&A on Building Operator Certification

What exactly is Building Operator Certification?

BOC LogoBuilding Operator Certification® is a nationally recognized training and certification program designed to develop building efficiency experts. Classroom training focuses on energy efficient building operations and preventative maintenance procedures.

Why should I get a BOC?

People with a BOC certification have a level of training and hands-on-skills that employers like to see when hiring or promoting. In addition, those with a BOC have mastered the skills needed to make their buildings more efficient, environmentally friendlier, and safer. Better yet, BOC graduates have proven their training can cut operating costs for organizations – in some cases as much as $20,000 per year.

Who needs BOC?

If you work with electrical systems, HVAC, lighting, data collection, code compliance, or environmental regulations, you can definitely benefit from a BOC. You’ll receive both classroom education and hands-on skills-based training.

What type of qualifications do I need to apply for BOC training?

There are two levels of BOC training. Level 1 focuses on Building Systems Maintenance and Level 2 on Equipment Troubleshooting and Maintenance.

For Level One, you should have a high school degree or a GED and at least ONE of the following criteria:

  • Two or more years of operations and maintenance experience in a commercial or institutional facility.
  • At least a year of operations and maintenance experience at a commercial or institutional facility and one year of technical college level education in facilities engineering related program.
  • Two or more years of operations and maintenance experience in facility energy management.

For Level Two, applicants are strongly encouraged to have a high school diploma or GED as well as ONE of the following requirements:

  • Technical degree and three years’ experience in operations and maintenance at a commercial or institution facility.
  • A journey level membership in a Union and three years’ experience.
  • Four year’s practical experience and BOC Level 1 certification.

Where can I take BOC training?

Every major region in the United States has a BOC training facility, either at an area technical school or university. In fact, a number of companies even offer the certification at their own facilities. To find a BOC program near you, check out the BOC website.