Bowtie Engineering Launches BowVue™ Software Designed for Building Systems’ Safety

App lets users view and manage their complete Mechanical/ Electrical/Plumbing(MEP) systems on mobile devices or desktops

ATLANTA, Nov. 17, 2016Bowtie Engineering, an electrical safety engineering consulting firm, announced today the launch of a new software product, BowVue™, the first dashboard app that gives users clear visibility and control of the hazards associated with their electrical systems.

A risk management app, BowVue serves as a portal into an electrical system’s operations, giving companies complete views of their systems. The software can also track the maintenance reliability of systems, such as traditional CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) platforms, and link risk assessments to internal staff and external sub-contractors.

BowVue, both a desktop and a mobile app, lets users store maintenance records, track trending, manage services, and keep in compliance with the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) 70E and 70B standards.

“BowVue is the only app available today that offers convenient visibility to upper managers accountable for risk and safety,” said John Welch, CEO of Bowtie Engineering. “In just three mouse clicks, a manager is able to view, at one time, in one place, their complete electrical systems nationwide and be assured that the right process, the right person, and the right tools are in place.”

BowVue helps operations with pre-planning by associating necessary risk assessment details at the asset level while associating back using a systems engineering approach. Other benefits of the app are that it helps ensure companies that their electrical systems are worked on in compliance; reduces repair costs; lessens the risk of an OSHA audit; simultaneously fulfills both NFPA 70E and 70B; and, most importantly, ensures that personnel are adequately trained and have the necessary tools and processes.

The app also gives users a detailed view of their system inventories and necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for task assignments. The dashboard-based program connects with Bowtie’s Incident Energy Studies, Electrical Maintenance, and Energy services for seamless data imports.

Bowtie Engineering, a solutions-based systems engineering/integrated consulting firm, specializes in electrical safety. The company, staffed by engineers who are experts on NFPA standards and OSHA regulations, is headquartered in metro Atlanta and has offices in Houston and Detroit. For more information, contact